Ways To Make Acrylic Nails Last Longer with Love Nails Chino

Fix Damaged Nails ASAP

Don't wait weeks to repair your acrylic nails; if they become chipped or cracked, fix them immediately. When you ignore damaged acrylic nails, it causes damage to spread against the entire nail bed, making it more difficult and more expensive to repair. If you happen to break the skin when your nail is cracked, you also risk getting an infection on your nail bed if the nail stays on.

Take It Easy On Your Hands

The biggest downside of having acrylic nails is that you have to be careful when performing certain tasks with your hands. This means being mindful when washing dishes, closing doors, and opening things with your fingertips. For example, you'll want to stay away from activities such as opening cans with your nails, prying things open with your fingers, and using your nails to tear paper and tape. The easier you are on your nails, the longer they are likely to last without chipping or cracking.

Keep Your Hands Dry

Depending on your job and daily activities, this can be challenging. However, it is important to stay mindful that water can cause the glue holding the acrylic to your nail to loosen, especially if the acrylic remains wet for an extended period of time. Also, acrylic nails that remain wet can be more susceptible to bacteria and fungus growth, so letting your nails breathe is definitely a good thing.

Always dry your hands thoroughly after submerging them in water. This is especially important to remember when you are washing dishes, gardening, or performing other tasks. You can also dust your hands with baby powder to help wick away some of the moisture.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

This may go without saying, but it's still important to note. Remember, wet and dirty hands can harbor bacteria, which is never good for acrylic nails. It is also just as important to make sure that you are thoroughly cleaning the area under your acrylic nails, where your natural nails meet your fingertips.

The best way to do this is to take a Q-tip, dip it in rubbing alcohol, and apply it directly to the area beneath your nails. This will immediately kill any bacteria that may be lingering around your nail bed. It can also remove any debris that may have accumulated during the course of your day.

Moisturize Your Hands

Keeping the skin around your acrylic nails moisturized and healthy is also very important to extend your nails' life. Be sure to moisturize your hands daily and tend to redness, dryness, or peeling as soon as possible. If the area around your acrylic nails seemed irritated, this could be a sign of infection, in which case you will need to remove the nails soon as possible to address it.

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